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games/wtf Translate common Internet acronyms
textproc/hs-blaze-html Blazingly fast HTML combinator library for Haskell
devel/ETL C++ template library for synfig
devel/hs-extensible-exceptions Extensible exceptions
devel/hs-QuickCheck Random testing of program properties
devel/hs-stm Software Transactional Memory
devel/hs-text Efficient packed Unicode text type
textproc/tcl-tDOM High performance XML data handling library for Tcl using Expat
devel/hs-ghc-paths Knowledge of GHCs installation directories
devel/hs-split Combinator library for splitting lists
devel/hs-uniplate Help writing simple, concise and fast generic operations
devel/hs-vector Efficient Arrays for Haskell
devel/hs-hashable Class for types that can be converted to a hash value
devel/hs-hint Runtime Haskell interpreter (GHC API wrapper)
textproc/hs-case-insensitive Case insensitive string comparison
devel/hs-mtl Monad classes using functional dependencies
lang/ghc7 Compiler for the functional language Haskell
textproc/hs-xml Simple XML library
devel/hs-dlist Differences lists
lang/LuaJIT Just-In-Time Compiler for the Lua programming language
net/hs-network Haskell Low-level networking interface
devel/hs-transformers-base Lift computations from the bottom of a transformer stack
devel/hs-ansi-terminal Simple ANSI terminal support for Haskell
devel/hs-unordered-containers Efficient hashing-based container types
devel/hs-syb Haskell Scrap Your Boilerplate Library
textproc/hs-hscolour Colourise Haskell code
textproc/hs-parsec Monadic parser combinators
math/hs-semigroups Anything that associates
devel/hs-primitive Primitive memory-related operations
devel/hs-transformers Concrete functor and monad transformers
textproc/hs-regex-base Replaces/Enhances Haskell Text.Regex
devel/hs-haskell-src-exts Manipulating Haskell source
textproc/hs-tagsoup Parsing and extracting information from HTML/XML documents
math/hs-nats Haskell 98 natural numbers
archivers/hs-zlib Compression and decompression in the gzip and zlib formats
converters/hs-base64-bytestring Fast base64 encoding and deconding for ByteStrings
devel/hs-random Random number library
devel/hs-ghc-mtl Provides an mtl compatible version of the Ghc-Api monad transformers
textproc/hs-attoparsec Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings and text
devel/hs-blaze-builder Efficient buffered output
devel/hs-tagged Haskell 98 phantom types to avoid unsafely passing dummy arguments
math/hs-distributive Haskell 98 Distributive functors -- Dual to Traversable
www/hs-HTTP Haskell library for client-side HTTP
devel/hs-data-default Class for types with a default value
audio/aubio Extracting annotations from audio signals
devel/hs-utf8-string Support for reading and writing UTF8 Strings
textproc/hs-regex-posix Replaces/Enhances Haskell Text.Regex
textproc/hs-stringsearch Fast searching, splitting and replacing of ByteStrings
devel/hs-base-unicode-symbols Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators
devel/hs-monad-control Lift control operations through monad transformers
misc/color-theme Emacs-lisp mode for skinning your emacs