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sysutils/collectd-dns Statistics collection daemon - dns plugin
sysutils/rsyslog-dbi Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the dbi module
databases/sqlrelay-pgsql PostgreSQL support for SQL Relay
devel/libzookeeper Highly reliable distributed coordination C lib
sysutils/rsyslog-gnutls Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the gnutls module
sysutils/collectd-amqp Statistics collection daemon - amqp plugin
sysutils/collectd-notify-email Statistics collection daemon - notify_email plugin
sysutils/rsyslog-mysql Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the mysql module
sysutils/rsyslog-gssapi Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the gssapi module
databases/py-sqlrelay Python extension for SQL Relay
databases/sqlrelay-nodejs node.js API for SQL Relay
sysutils/collectd-curl Statistics collection daemon - curl-based plugins
sysutils/rsyslog-relp Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the relp module
sysutils/rsyslog-rabbitmq Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the rabbitmq module
sysutils/p5-collectd Statistics collection daemon - perl plugin
sysutils/collectd-dbi Statistics collection daemon - dbi plugin
sysutils/collectd-lua Statistics collection daemon - lua plugin
lang/nodejs6 V8 JavaScript for clients and servers
sysutils/collectd-mysql Statistics collection daemon - mysql plugin
sysutils/collectd-memcached Statistics collection daemon - memcached plugins
databases/sqlrelay-mysql MySQL support for SQL Relay
sysutils/collectd-write_prometheus Statistics collection daemon - write_prometheus plugin
sysutils/rsyslog-elasticsearch Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the elasticsearch module
lang/nodejs8 V8 JavaScript for clients and servers
sysutils/collectd-rrdtool Statistics collection daemon - rrdtool plugins
wip/ap2-passenger Passenger module for Apache 2.x
databases/ruby-sqlrelay Ruby extension for SQL Relay
databases/p5-sqlrelay Perl module for SQL Relay
sysutils/rsyslog-omprog Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the omprog module
wip/collectd-redis Statistics collection daemon - redis plugins
databases/sqlrelay-odbc ODBC support for SQL Relay
sysutils/py-collectd Statistics collection daemon - python plugin
databases/sqlrelay-sqlite SQLite support for SQL Relay
databases/sqlrelay-freetds FreeTDS support for SQL Relay
sysutils/collectd-network Statistics collection daemon - network plugin
sysutils/collectd-snmp Statistics collection daemon - snmp plugin
sysutils/collectd-postgresql Statistics collection daemon - postgresql plugin
sysutils/rsyslog-kafka Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the kafka module
sysutils/rsyslog-snmp Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the snmp module
sysutils/rsyslog-libgcrypt Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the libgcrypt module
sysutils/rsyslog-pgsql Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the pgsql module
sysutils/collectd-riemann Statistics collection daemon - riemann plugin